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Alcor Technical Solutions, LLC. (est. 2012) focuses on identity, authentication, and access solutions for government and private industry organizations. An SBA-Certified (8a) company, Alcor enables companies and organizations in regulatory environments to understand and modernize trusted security and identity infrastructure; then works alongside to ensure secure and innovative uses of the services and products.

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Digitization of business and increasing customer expectations has lead to a fast paced, hyper-connected market which makes operational processes increasingly critical. True organizational agility that allows organizations to respond to this market comes from a deep understanding of the processes that deliver value to your stakeholders.
Processes are fundamental to how an organization realizes its strategic intent. They are the way your business generates revenue, delivers value, meets it’s targets, achieves it’s objectives and delights it’s customers.
Business Process Management involves the identification, design, execution, analysis and the improvement business processes.

Alcor has extensive BPM experience that can help accelerate your improvement objectives.
Our Services include:
SOA and integration services: We help our clients define and deploy Service Oriented Architecture strategy, governance and operating model.
Business Rules Management System services: We implement policy-based controls and processes to reduce risks and meet compliance demands.
Cloud integration: We architect and implement Software-as-a-Service solutions for private, public and hybrid clouds and also help to migrate existing setup to the cloud.

PEGA Consulting Services & Soutions

Businesses globally are demanding digital and mobile enablement to streamline and automate their processes to improve the customer experience and drive revenue. Pega’s solutions enable organizations to deliver the full potential of BPM – from strategy to execution to streamline operations, increase operational efficiencies and enable true business acceleration and growth.
Alcor provides the following services to our clients:
Technical Gap Analysis / Requirements Capture, Scoping: Building a business case for PEGA platform resolving implementation and ongoing costs.
Proof of Concept: Perform a proof of concept to demonstrate how PEGA functionality would handle a sample process and workflow.
Pega Configuration: Implementation of Pega including system build, testing and implementation and mechanisms to drive continuous real-time feedback to the business.


  • CIO-SP3
  • Maryland CATS+

Alcor's capabilities successfully emphasize security, scalability, and usability.


Empowering Security, Ensuring Access: Unrivaled Identity and Access Management Solutions for a Safer Digital Future.

At the core of Alcor's proficiency and array of services is Identity and Access Management (IAM). Ranging from on-premise to cloud hybrid modernization, and expanding to encompass multi-cloud implementation, our capabilities empower organizations to effectively update their identity and access management systems. This dedication is reinforced by our commitment to staying at the forefront, adopting FIDO2 and other emerging standards through employing advanced methods such as FICAM and biometrics.


Securing Tomorrow, Today: Elevate Trust with Our Authentication Services.

Alcor offers cutting-edge solutions to fortify digital security and user access in today's dynamic landscape. Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses the deployment and optimization of advanced authentication methods, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), biometrics, and adaptive authentication. Seamless integration these technologies bolster defenses against evolving cyber threats, ensures regulatory compliance, and enhances user experiences.


Securing Tomorrow's Digital Frontiers: Your Trusted Partner in Information Security Management Services.

Seamless connectivity is inadequate without a vigilant focus on security and its ramifications. Alcor draws upon its extensive expertise in both federal and private industry domains, guaranteeing adherence to industry-leading standards, including ISO/IEC 27001, NIST SP 800-53, FISMA, CIS Controls, PCI DSS, HIPPA and ITIL. Our approach integrates conscientious data practices, encompassing considerations for data-at-rest, in-transit, and robust governance measures.


Humanizing Innovation, Designing Tomorrow: Elevate Experiences with Human-Centered Brilliance.

Amidst the landscape of revolutionary change, user experience remains a steadfast focal point. Alcor's Human-Centered Design (HCD) methodology harmonizes quantitative and qualitative metrics, ensuring those responsible for maintaining a secure posture navigate their duties with minimal disruption, facilitating a seamless delivery of exceptional products and services.

CMS OSFLO - EFI System Security Office, Fall 2023

Based on our combined 70+ years of federal government service experience, we have encountered very few contract companies and/or individuals with their level of dedication, excellent communication skills, work ethic, and technical skills in delivering high-quality results that are truly impressive and exceeds most industry standards.


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